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Attention New Employees,

dollhouse presents a brand-new work from playwright Meg Perry at the Dunedin Fringe – The Many Deaths of Jeff Goldblum – playing at the New Athenaeum Theatre from Thursday 23 rd March to Sunday 26th March. This sit-com style show will give you plenty to talk about at the water cooler while you procrastinate doing work at your designated office. The Director of Human Resources, Ryan Hartigan, alongside some of our most stellar employees (Mārama Grant, Reva Grills, Tia Hibbert, Christopher McCombe and Grace Turipa) will thrill you with all the latest departmental gossip and drama while giving you a taste of life at your new job here. You never know where this career will take you, perhaps you will become the next big celebrity! 

Welcome to The Company!

The C.E.O

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