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nicole jenkins

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As a Dunedinite, Nicole is very familiar with the local performance scene. From her roots as a competitive tap dancer studying under Denise Henderson, she quickly began theatre classes at InterACT as well. She is a proud alumni of Terry MacTavish’s dramatic teachings at Queen's High School, and from here was the recipient of a Performance Scholarship to Otago University. 

During her time at Otago, Nicole received lead roles in the UNESCO City of Literature Short Play Festival and further work with Talking House Productions, DKCM, and The Unity Creative. She graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies, with Minors in Dance and Tourism. Nicole also ran her own dance studio for nine years, until the end of 2021, teaching up to six dance classes a week. 

Nicole was one of the five finalists for Emerging Talent at the 2020/21 Dunedin Theatre Awards, and was due to perform in the Dunedin season of We Will Rock You before it was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. 


In her spare time, Nicole turns into Fairy Blueberry and a multitude of other characters through Rainbow Rosalind Parties. 

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