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chelsea guthrie

Chelsea started working as a technician during her final year at Kavanagh College (Dunedin), as her partner needed help backstage at their end-of-year school pantomime. She then pursued theatre tech as an interest while studying a Bachelor of Science in Genetics, before realising that being a technician is a viable career pathway, causing her to change her major to a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. She quickly found a passion for lighting after working at a Roger Waters gig at Forsyth Bar Stadium in 2018. 

During her time at Otago University, Chelsea was known as the go-to designer for the Lunchtime Theatre programme, and was a key part of the design team for the UNESCO City of Literature Short Play Festival held in Dunedin in 2019. She quickly became known as the gremlin who lives at Allen Hall due to her pulling ungodly hours during tech week. Her work between the University and Southern Lights quickly led to her designing for Arcade Theatre Company, The OUSA Capping Show, Dunedin Beer Festival and Oamaru New Years. 


Alongside her skills as a lighting designer, Chelsea has developed a keen portfolio as a shitposting memelord and traumatised the dollhouse team with things they are not old enough to see. In her spare time, Chelsea occupies herself by making a series of prosthetic full-head masks of herself, each progressively bigger. She will be wearing them to terrify her old bosses.

chelsea's portfolio:

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